My Position

24 Oct


23 Oct

Patience, they say is a virtue. And, I must say I’ve been more than patient waiting for the Cubs to be in the World Series again. Now honestly, in recent years I’ve paid little attention to baseball and, at the risk of jinxing them, I may not listen to or watch the games. However, that team arouses some fond memories of childhood trips to see them play at Wrigley Field. My family’s allegiance was split between the Cardinals and the Cubs, perhaps because we lived about halfway in between St. Louis and Chicago.

In my grandparents’ house, the radio was always tuned to the Cubs. And my grandfather, if he wanted to hear the Cardinals’ game had to go sit in his car in the driveway to get the play by play. In the summer, occasional weekends were spent in one city or the other watching three games – one on Saturday and a double-header on Sunday. Typically we took the train to Chicago and drove to St. Louis. We didn’t spend much on vendor products at the stadium. My dad may have had a beer and I usually ended up with Cracker Jacks, which, incidentally, I never liked but they were the cheapest option available.

In later years my allegiance migrated to teams with a chance of winning: the Yankees during my teens, Boston when I married a New Englander, and Kansas City or St. Louis when I lived close to their parks. But for this year, at least, I’m in it for Chicago. GO CUBS!

Car Show

22 Oct

Although I had intended to do some housecleaning today, the exciting activities here at Cedar Cove RV Park sidetracked me. First was the obligatory [for me with an underfed sweet tooth] Saturday morning coffee and donuts where guests can visit with their snowbird friends. Then the classic autos began to arrive. That event will resurrect fond memories of cars ‘gone by’ for visitors, me included. A barbeque with live music beginning at noon is included. And we’ve got a front row seat!!

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19 Oct

On one of my visits to Crazy Horse Memorial, I spotted a T-shirt that I had to have. In addition to the Lakota art work on the front, the statements on the reverse took my breath away. The turtle design on the front reads:

The drum connects our heart to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.


And on the back:

There was a time when man took no more than he needed.

That time is gone.

There was a time when he gave something back.

That time is gone.

There was a time when he worshipped the Creator and honored creation.

That time too is gone.

And now the waters are polluted.

Our natural resources are all but gone

And creation is dying…

It is time…to find our way back to the Earth.

                                                Kevin Thunderhorse Wright



16 Oct

Actually there’s not much happening here in the New Mexico desert. Pippy chases an occasional rabbit and plays with a few other dogs her size and energy level. Magic Touch detailer washed and waxed my ‘house’. I’m enjoying visits with friends and the peaceful atmosphere. And we had a spectacular autumn full moon….

moonriseThe camera didn’t like the moonrise light level…

moonsetbut was happier this morning.

Hair of the Dog

11 Oct

No, I’m not talking about the purported hangover cure. I’m talking literally about the hair of my dog, Pippy, who needed a thorough brush and comb after a couple of days inside due to wet weather in the New Mexico desert.


Cold, wet, windy weather set in just as we departed Custer, SD, and the Wheels West campground. I elected to make the trip to Elephant Butte, NM, with only nightly stops at Chappell, NE, Lamar, CO, Questa, NM, and Bernardo, NM. On an earlier stay at the Chappell park, tornadoes went through the area in the middle of the night and the power went off. At that time, I had the fifth-wheel and had to run the truck to generate power to get the slides in. All the gas stations in the area were shut down due to the lack of power. This time the stay was uneventful.

After the relatively boring drives through the Nebraska panhandle and eastern Colorado, the landscapes in northern New Mexico seemed especially beautiful. We stopped for the night at Questa near Taos. The park is on the Red River and gave Pippy yet another opportunity to practice her new-found swimming prowess. A stop at the Kiva RV Park and Horse Motel gave her an chance to meet some new horsey friends and made the next day’s drive to Cedar Cove/Elephant Butte a short one.

Since we’ve been here, we’ve visited with friends, set up the remaining obligatory appointments to complete my annual physical, chased a few rabbits in the desert, and mostly relaxed. The tomato plant offered up a few final fruits for the season and I transplanted the herbs into a new pot. Yesterday, the local detailer, Magic Touch, washed and waxed our house and I ‘decorated’ for Hallowe’en.


Not Re Travel

22 Sep

Just a quick post today to share: I frequently get unwanted, unsolicited, and supposedly blocked calls on my cell. Typically the come on weekdays rather than weekends when friends and relatives know I have unlimited minutes.

I used to answer even when I did not recognize the area code. However, I got tired of using my limited weekday minutes trying to get live caller to stop or idiotically swearing at a recording. The following site allows me to check the number of the entity that called and then return the call if needed or register my complaint IDing it as scam or fraud:

It’s a healthier way for me to release my tension : )