Still Summer

20 Oct

From my perspective, the weather here in New Mexico is still summer-ish…with afternoon temps in the upper 80s to the mid-90s. Plantings at the Ranch are pleasing beholders with end of season color.

Picture take yesterday; by this morning most of the petals were on the ground.

Still there….


Northern Sun

19 Oct

Northern Sun is a business that sells “products for progressives” and that’s where I buy my t-shirts and bumper stickers. New tees that I’m considering:

The Universe is made of protons, neutrons, electrons, and morons.

Stupidity kills…but not fast enough.

The good thing about science is it’s true whether you believe it or not. Neil deGrasse Tyson

Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realize that we can’t eat money. Cree Proverb

Still at LoW Hi

14 Oct

We’ve been enjoying interaction with friends here at the Ranch. The roomy sites are a pleasant change from many we’ve stayed at in recent months. A good campground wifi signal and good Verizon service plus numerous TV channels make it a great place to spend a month.

Sadly, even among the positive elements, the daily news tends to sour the experience. Yesterday’s reports that our President is doing all that he can to scrap the Iran agreement is a reminder of our Nation’s history of breaking treaties, especially with indigenous tribes. Guess that’s what he means by making America great again.

After Las Vegas

5 Oct

After the massacre in Las Vegas, the question being asked of Congress is whether it will move to assure that such weaponry is no longer available. I’ve seen and heard interviews of elected officials who claim that ownership of such weaponry is protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution. These interviewees emphasize that these weapons are used by gun enthusiasts for sport. Try as I might, I’ve been unable to confirm that the creators of the Second Amendment ever considered the need for guns for sporting activities.

3 Oct

During our 5 night stay in Alamogordo, we observed the local mallards daily. Although they ‘live’ on the small fishing pond at the park, they browse the green areas, especially after a rain.

Having dealt with rain all the way from South Dakota, it’s nice to experience the desert and its unique beauty.

New Mexico

27 Sep

After five travel days in the rain, we arrived Alamogordo for a few days. Weatherman said we’re getting some nice rains here at the end of the ‘monsoon’ season. Guess that explains it. But there is always a bright side…

Quick Note

25 Sep

We headed south from South Dakota on Friday and arrived Santa Rosa, NM before noon today. Weather most of the way down was fraught with rain storms and much of the trip was rather boring. Gasoline prices most of the way down were at least twenty cents more per gallon than in Custer County.

We have cloudy, windy weather here so we took a quick walk after lunch. And were greeted by one of the local residents.

That’s all folks!