November Lakota Way

1 Nov


The gift of self is the most meaningful gift anyone can give. Wars and cataclysmic events will always give rise to heroes, but while life is ordinary for many of us, it still demands sacrifice that will go unnoticed, except for those who benefit from it. And sometimes we must remember there is a warrior in all of us, one who is always ready to ride forth to make the sacrifice.

Joseph M. Marshall III

20 Oct

On 23 January 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump caused controversy when he stated the following during a campaign rally in Iowa:

I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.

I guess that explains why he won’t stand up for theoretical ‘American values’ when he criticizes the press as an enemy of the people. I guess that explains why he is so enamored of dictators around the world who countenance the murder of dissenters. At least he believes that those values no longer exist among American voters.

What message will those voters send in November?

Just a Quick Thought

11 Oct

The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.

Isaac Asimov

Hangin’ Out at Cedar Cove

8 Oct

The hot spell here in New Mexico seems to have passed – it was in the 90s during our first days here. Now temps have settled into the 70s days, 60s overnite with fairly strong winds and some rain.

Pippy had her vet appointment today to do a follow-up blood test after her encounter with rat poison in SD. All looks good.

Since we’re here earlier than usual, we’ve discovered some flowers we’d not seen before. Haven’t gone to the trouble to research what they are as yet but the flower heads are about 4 inches across – impressive.

And the rains gave us a rainbow – one of my favorite things!

6 Oct

We spent our last few days in Custer at Wheels West RV Park. We’ve stayed at that park briefly in the past and thoroughly enjoy daily visits by deer, usually two to four at a time.

Then we made a quick trip to New Mexico. Four days is a quick trip for us as I prefer to drive only about 200 miles per day. On day one, we fueled up and headed south on US 385 which runs by/thru Wind Cave Nat’l Park. The park is home to a few bison – nothing like the large herds at Custer State Park – but we spotted a few close to the road. One big guy was lazily scratching his chin on the edge of the guardrail on our side of the road. And a flock of wild turkeys chose to cross the road just as we approached. Fortunately half of the 30 or so birds decided to turn back and wait for us to pass. The rest of the day included an uneventful drive through Nebraska with a stop at Northport for lunch and one night at Cabela’s campground in Sidney.

Breakfast at Perkins the next morning and a quick stop at Walmart have become a regular part of stops in Sidney. Day two found us still on US 385 on a straight shot thru eastern Colorado to Lamar where we stayed at the Sportsman’s RV Park and Horse Motel. Pippy enjoys revisiting this park as ‘horsey friends’ are fun to watch. This park has changed hands at least twice since we first visited there probably 10 years ago.

Day three took us briefly thru Oklahoma and Texas panhandles to US 54 and an overnight stay at Santa Rosa, New Mexico. La Rosa RV Park has been a frequent stop either in the spring or fall. A BBQ restaurant is a part of the complex and offers dinner delivery to your house on wheels. Being primarily a vegetarian, I’ve only taken advantage of this perk on one occasion.

And day four brought us to our stopping place for the month of October: Cedar Cove RV Park at Elephant Butte, NM. Here we will visit friend, perhaps do some desert hiking if rattlesnakes den soon. On two prior visits, we’ve spotted the reptiles right in the park. A park resident is called to remove the interlopers when this happens – an interesting process to observe. We will be watchful!


Lakota Way – October

1 Oct

Lakota Way October  –  Selflessness


You must help others before you think of yourself. Help the widows and the orphans and those who have little to wear, little to eat, and no one to speak for them. Do not look down on others or see those who look down on you, and do not let anger guide your mind or your heart. Be generous, be wise, and show fortitude so that people can follow what you do and then what you say.


Joseph M. Marshall III


17 Sep

In part due to the crowded conditions and the influx of rabbits at our previous location, we moved to Custer’s Gulch campground east of Custer on Friday. We spent a quiet weekend enjoying the rocky forested area just behind our parking place. On Saturday afternoon while relaxing with a book outside in the shade, I noticed Pippy alertly watching a form moving through the woods. I realized that it was a wild turkey, common here in the Black Hills. There were at least half a dozen working their way up the hill behind us. Cautioning Pippy to be quiet and ‘we don’t chase big birds’, I slipped inside to grab the camera.

This big guy appeared to be the leader and stood watch on a downed log while the flock moved up the hill. You can just make out one other bird approaching from the left.

Also noteworthy, are the mushrooms growing on our site.