Imaginative RV

14 Jan

As we travel, I have occasionally shared pictures of interesting and imaginative RVs spotted [before publishing I always speak with the owner]. This trailer especially caught my eye due to my long and abiding interest in indigenous cultures.


Still Here

9 Jan

We haven’t dropped off the face of the earth; it’s just not that exciting parked in one place for a month. Most of the beautiful views of this area in New Mexico have already been photographed and shared over the years. However, sunrises and sunsets are ever-changing pieces of art.

New Year, New Calendar

1 Jan

Each year on New Year’s Eve, I take down the old calendar and write all of the important dates on the new calendar. In 2017 and in this year, I am using ‘the lakota way’ calendars purchased from Northern Sun. The monthly art work and accompanying narrative explores Native American wisdom on ethics and character. The art is by Jim Yellowhawk, the narrative by Joseph M. Marshall III. My plan is to share the wisdom from the 2017 calendar at the beginning of each month.

January 2017   Selflessness

The old ones like to say that only two things in life are certain: change and death. Seasons cycling from winter to spring to summer to autumn is expected. Unexpected change compels individuals and societies to reach deep inside in order to survive as it happens and to cope with the consequences. In the mid to late 1800s Lakota people not only witnessed change but also lived with it day in and day out, year in and year out, for many decades, all because of the invasion of a different kind of people with pervasive ways. Territory was lost and resources – primarily the buffalo – were depleted. Lakota leaders, both civilian and military, could not foresee a future free of the invaders. Putting the selfare of women and children first, as well as the generations yet to come, those leaders set aside their warrior instincts to fight to the last and acquiesced to change. They made a mark – X – not so much out of capitulation but out of hope for the future.



29 Dec

No not the on-line retailer. As we near the end of a year of climate disasters, seething anger toward those who are different, violent confrontations around the world, I’ve taken shelter in favorite music from the past. John Denver’s Amazon expresses what I’m feeling as we head to a new year:


There is a river that runs from the mountains, that one river is all rivers, all rivers are that one. There is a tree that stands in the forest, that one tree is all forests, all trees are that one.
There is a flower that blooms in the desert, that one blossom is all flowers,
all flowers are that one.
It is the song of life, it is the flower of faith, it is the tree of temptation it is the river of no regret.

There is a child that cries in the ghetto, that one child is all children, all children are that one. There is a vision that shines in the darkness, that one vision is all of our dreams,
all of our dreams are that one.
It is a vision of heaven, it is a child of promise, it is the song of life, it is the river of no regret.

Let this be a voice for the mountains, let this be a voice for the river,
let this be a voice for the forest, let this be a voice for the flowers,
let this be a voice for the ocean, let this be a voice for the desert,
let this be a voice for the children, let this be a voice for the dreamers,
let this be a voice of no regret, no regret.


Custer State Park

25 Dec

As most of you know, Pippy and I make our official residence in the Black Hills of South Dakota, more specifically at Heritage Village, a part of the Crazy Horse complex. Sadly but not surprisingly, I’ve been reading of the recent fire in Custer State Park. This article appeared recently in the Los Angeles Times:

One of our favorite things to do during our time spent in the area each year is driving thru the park, parking occasionally to observe and enjoy the wildlife.













Although it’s not apparent in these pictures, large areas of the park and the Black Hills in general exhibit acres of dead or dying trees.


18 Dec

As you may recall, Elephant Butte and Cedar Cove RV Park are near Elephant Butte Lake, one of several created by dams on the Rio Grande. Once the weather cools too much for recreational and fishing activities, what to do with your vessel?

Decorate it for Christmas, of course!

The Grinch

15 Dec

The doves and quail were sad this morning upon discovering that someone stole their seed block.

I’ll make a trip to town tomorrow and buy another.