Public Broadcasting

20 Feb

As most of you know, my travels typically take me to rural areas and away from cities. Therefore I read with some concern that budget cuts may very well include withholding funds for public broadcasting. Sadly these radio outlets are my major source of in depth news. Often there is no TV reception available in remote areas but I can often find a public broadcasting affiliate to keep me posted on what’s happening. In the states where I spend significant amounts of time – Colorado, South Dakota, New Mexico – I routinely donate a part of my retirement funds to keep them on the air. As the article at the link below discusses, I would likely need to increase those donations by 200 percent, assuming the stations are able to remain on the air at all….

Not Much to Report

19 Feb

As the title indicates, there’s not much to report from here. Spring is gradually making its way into the Southwest and I should soon be able to get some outside chores done. Those will include a thorough roof inspection. One must make sure that all seals are good to protect against the weather, that all the top-side screws are tight, that the TV antenna is properly oiled, that any debris/dust accumulated in the fans and air conditioner is removed….

Meanwhile we have our bird feeders out again which attract not only birds but the two resident cats. And all visitors provide fun things for Pippy to observe through the windows.

In keeping with previously provided illustrations of preparation for travel – be it to town for shopping or to another state – here are a couple of pictures.

dsc03544As in any home, the freezer occasionally needs defrosting.

dsc03545The small bathroom allows using items to be secured from shifting as we travel down the road. A dishpan and the small wastebasket prevent the space heater from falling or causing damage. When not in use, the shower serves to retain the laundry ‘hamper’ and a bucket of laundry and cleaning supplies [dishpan and waste basket fit atop the bucket].

Snow Moon

11 Feb

As we near the end of our stay here at Elephant Butte, we were blessed with wonderful views of the ‘snow moon’. Incidentally, we’ve not seen even one snowflake this year. Although it’s the exception rather than the norm here in the sunny Southwest, we usually have at least one accumulation of several inches to please our four-legged friends who like to cavort in the snow.


The pictures are of this morning’s moonset; moonrise was obliterated by RVs and electric wires:



Not Exactly Bored

9 Feb

About this time each Spring – it’s getting there in the sunny Southwest – we get the itch to begin our travels. That’s not to say we’re bored but activity has become a bit too repetitive. Our long walks in the desert are now curtailed as the warmer weather brings out the reptiles which can include rattlesnakes. Pippy has enjoyed some nice off-leash runs after cottontails and jackrabbits till now, but Mom is reluctant once the creatures are out of their dens even tho’ Pippy has her rattlesnake vaccination up to date.

She enjoys playing ball in the Doggie Corral and some antics in the house as well as nice walks in the park.



2 Feb

Received the following email this morning. Obviously, it’s a scam as I have NO such account:


Message body

Chinese New Year

28 Jan

I have to admit my attitude in this year of 2017 has not been particularly positive. However, a radio interview with an elderly Chinese lady did give me pause. She noted that the previous year, the year of the monkey, had been crazy. She asserted that the year of the rooster would be better saying that she remembered hearing the rooster crow each morning as a child. And then she predicted “some people will wake up”.


Just Weather

22 Jan

Weather continues to be the highlight of our stay here in New Mexico. Yesterday’s high was 45 accompanied by 35 to 50 mph winds. Needless to say our usual walks were cut short! And we’ve had more rains recently. The higher elevations received some snow.